Transfer money abroad

Comparison of services enabling money transfer to and from abroad

Are you thinking of transferring money to other parts of the world but worrying about the exchange rate and transfer costs? Should you transfer it with your bank, an agent near your office or an online provider? Money transfer and exchange companies are everywhere, and we used to think they are small and unreliable. However, it is no longer the truth in this era. Banks are no longer the only safe and reliable way to transfer money. The tiny exchange store downstairs of your office is not necessarily small-scale.And transferring online doesn't need to be risky. Transfermoney provides you the best platform to compare various international money transfer companies extensively. We provide the most updated information and rates for individual users, investors, small companies to find their best option for money transfer. You can have a general idea of the cost and different payments involved in sending the money via different agencies. Here on Transfermoney, we provide you the information of ___ providers - being the most known and commonly used platforms for transferring money. We will show you the costs, exchange rate involved, the speed of the service providers and their reliability so you can make the best choice to send your money abroad.

How to start?

Is this your first time using money transfer agencies to send or receive money? If so, you could build your confidence towards them by starting with a small sum. Our aim is to help you find the service that best suits you, instead of pushing you towards any of them. So take your time and look at the comparison, and try it out with the amount that you find suitable.

Things you need to know to get the best out of us:

  • How much would you like to transfer?
  • Where would you like to send the money to?
  • Are you paying the money in cash, by credit card or by debit card?
  • Do you want to send it to a bank account, or have it delivered in cash?
  • How fast do you need to get the money through?

Understand the cost

Sending money overseas involves two fees: 1. The service fee and 2. The exchange rate.


Some companies charge you handling fees or commission for sending the money for you. When looking at the fees, make sure you sum them up because many could break the fees into small amounts that you are unaware of their total. Also, do they charge the sender, the recipient or both? Always ask and read carefully and compare the whole cost.

Exchange rate

Usually, the larger amount you transfer, the better the exchange rate. Different companies have different exchange rate. Company A with no commission could be offering you a less attractive exchange rate compared to company B. So don’t just focus on the charges.

How do you want the recipient to receive the money?

When choosing a suitable money sending agent, you need to know whether you want the opposite party to receive your money in their bank account or in cash. If you want them to receive the money in cash, choose those that provide cash collection services. Not all of them provide so.

Why do you need to use money transfer service?

The traditional way is expensive and slow

The first question we usually get is - Why not the bank? When it comes to transferring money, it is really straightforward that the first thing comes into our mind is our bank. Many banks claim that they charge ‘no fees’, ‘no handling charges’ or ‘no commission’. There could be many surcharges involved after you decide to go with a particular bank, e.g. ‘oh, there’s usually no fee but for this country we have to charge you…’, or ‘the opposite party asks to charge... ‘. All in all, the hidden fee is massive.

Stop spending time queuing and physically go everywhere

No matter you are using the banks or going to any small exchange stores, you have to schedule time off your work or daily routine just to make time for lining up in front of the counter and get your money sent. This is definitely not time-efficient. It is better staying in front of your computer and get the money transfer thing done by a few clicks.

What is your fee?

We don’t charge you any fee. There is no cost in using our services.


“I've never used online money sending agencies before because I'm afraid of losing my money. After reading the rating at transfer money, I tried to transfer a small sum from Czech republic to the UK. It was a success. Now I just use online transfer to save my time queuing at the bank and paying high fees.” Martin